Finished the Corepods

Finished up the rest of the Core Pods: Strumple Waremonger Contanimator Dementalist Giggity Gigger Hocus Poker Holy Roller Smellcaster Weirdo  


Smoovester and Snoot Peep Core Pod

Smoovester These guys are slicker than greased werm poop. One minute they’re gabbing with you about  he weather and the next their walking away wearing …

Glutinous Maximus.jpg

Scrapper Core Pod

‘ere This term refers to just about any peep who makes his way by force of wallop and clobber. Some are soldiers …


Pimp Peep Core

Here Pimps are mack mommies and daddies. They pander their stables of strumples to the lonely, the desperate, and the libidinous. A …

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